About Us

Our Mission:

Create possibilities for brightminded individuals to obtain funding from public for their projects and provide the public with an opportunity to invest in startups.

Our Vision:

To be the pioneer in crowdfunding in Caucasus


Crowdfund.ge is the first Georgian equity crowdfunding platform.

Crowdfunding is the use of small amounts of capital from a large number of individuals to finance projects. Equity crowdfunding is the process whereby investors (the “crowd”) invest in early stage unlisted companies in exchange for shares in these companies.

We offer three kinds of investments

- equity based

- loan based

- perk based

 JSC Crowdfund was funded by 4 young finance professionals, who have 22 years of combined experience in investments, financial analysis and entrepreneurship. Members of the team have been involved in structuring some of the largest equity deals on the Georgian market during the past several years. The founders believe that the Georgian market is mature enough to make equity crowdfunding possible and to raise significant for financing many commercially attractive projects.

 The company is currently in the process of aligning its structure with the Georgian regulations. Local regulations are outdated and unsophisticated which casts doubt on the lawfulness of the platform. Crowdfund.ge is has initiated changes in the regulatory framework drawing on recent international practice and is currently trying to negotiate the adoption of the changes with the government.


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